Tools for Camera Repair
Mixed reviews ($$)

Amazing list of tools with prices and explanations. Webarchive version only. Ed  died a number of years ago and his website disappeared.

Daniel Mitchell
List of required tools. Some tips.

My Pentax
Despite the name, great list of tools for all camera types. Includes images and descriptions. Webarchive version only.

Homemade Camera Tools
The name says it all.

Aven Tools (Aven Inc.)
Amazing selection of pliers, screw drivers, and other tools aimed at the optical market.

Good selection of pliers, screw drivers and other tools (not all optically/photography related)

TMP Company
Watch/Camera Repair Tools

Camera Shop
Repair parts and tools (India)

Japan Hobby Tool
Variety of camera repair tools

Toshimitsu Kasahara
Maker of camera tools. He is a retired tool maker, and makes custom camera repair tools. Worth a look. Visit his Yahoo auction site (it's in Japanese, so either have a friend help you out, or use a translation service).

Online store selling some watch/camera repair kits (UK)

Loupes, magnifiers etc. for those small camera screws.

The only company that I've come across that offers miniature screw extractors. A handy tool to have with older camera equipment.