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Service/Repair Manuals

Nikon Camera Repair Manual
Google book (online only)

General Camera Repair books ($)

Various Nikon Service Manuals, Schematics, Parts Lists (free)

Various Nikon Service Manuals ($)

Many repair manuals, parts lists (Paid membership can access all manuals. Non-paying can request free manuals)

Large colletion of instruction manuals (free; by donation)

Amazon ($)

Many service/parts manuals ($)

Various service/parts manuals (Ebay)

Plenty of resources related to camera/lens repair, from manuals, to repair book reviews, to discussion forums (mostly free)

Plenty of Nikon Repair Manuals ($)

Interesting information for vintage cameras (free)

Historical stuff. (Free)

Lens Inc.
Plenty of repair manuals. Reasonable prices.

Lot's of manuals. Currently selling some of his collection.