DIY Projects

Schematics with some descriptions

Picture with some desciption

Rick Oleson's schematics on Nikko-H 300mm assembly                                                         Good instructions; great schematics

Cleaning the Nikkor 105P
Complete with pictures

Cleaning Nikkor H 85mm f1.8

Complete with pictures

Nikon 28mm Series E Disassembly
Complete with pictures

Complate with pictures

DIY AI Conversion

Another DIY

Nikon FG20
Coupling level schematics/description

Nikon FE Fix
RFC's fix (brief description)

Nikon FE Repair
Winder lever repair (images)

Nikon F Restoration
Online restoration with images

Nikkor 28mm f2.8 AIS

Nikkor 28mm f2.8 AIS
Repair discussion (schematics)

Daniel Mitchell
Plenty of links to repair images/sites. Not all Nikon related

Homemade Camera Repair Tools
The name says it all.

Stuck battery Removal
Picture with description

SB-600 Zoom Repair
Stuck zoom repair

SB-24 Foot Repair
Plastic foot repair

Minor repair

Rick Oleson's schematics for DIY AI conversion

Pictures with some descriptions

With pictures and descriptions

From Crystal Camera
Excellent pictures and explanations

From Hackaday

(50mm f1.4?)

Nikon Photomic
Disassembly Schematics by R. Oleson

Shutter Tester
Simple trick to test shutter by R. Oleson

Nikon 50mm Series E
Karl's Disassembly (some description)

Nikon 36-72 Series E

Nikon 36-72 Series E
Discussion of elements

Lens/Camera Disassembled
No instructions. Just pictures.

MF Lenses
General repair instructions

Camera Repair Flickr Group
Plenty of pictures of DIY projects (not all Nikon related)

Lens Removal/Repair
Balsam Removal/Lens Repair article (for Pre-AI)

Lens Repair Article
Old PopSci article (historical read)

Nikkor 55mm f2.8 (Micro)
Disassembly (English) with pictures

Nikkor 55mm f2.8 (Micro)
Disassembly (Japanese) with pictures

105 f2.5 AIS
Disassembled (no description or schematics)

Disassembled (some descriptions)

Disassembled (some descriptions)