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If you wish to use any of the images at www.jsvfoto.com for commercial purposes, such as advertising or promotional purposes,
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Everything on my website has a watermark on it, as well as a copyright notice in the EXIF data, and I purposely keep my image resolution at low quality so that they are viewable online, but look terrible when you try to print them either at home or commercially, and they look bad if you try to photoshop off the watermarks. I put much time and effort into my work, and post it online for people to enjoy it, not to steal it.

I won't take off any watermarks for your convenience, thank you very much.

If you are caught using images from J.S. Velasquez for commerical and/or non-commercial purposes without permission, you agree to either pay J.S. Velasquez $25,000.00 US dollars or you will be forced through legal means to remove the images from whatever medium you used to store them or distribute them. 
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