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I'm not ashamed to say that creativity runs in my veins. What most of you don't know is that I also started writing around the time I began my obsession with photography. I won't say how long ago that was, but it's been a great journey with few regrets. Rather than host a second website, I've decided to use this as my main hub for both of my creative endeavors; there are other things that I've done with my imagination besides create photographs and write books, but I'll leave those things off-line. In time they'll come to fruition. This page will be where you can find my books as I self-publish and get published.   

The Ellens:
This book is written for ages 8 and up. I wrote it during those fun days in Korea, and oddly Korea doesn't come into it. I guess I was a little homesick, and just antsy to get going with my life. I was freshly out of teacher's college and I had (and still have) more ideas than I know what to do with...there are three books in the series. So far I've only released the first book. The sequel will be out this spring, with the third and final book out this summer. What is it about? The blurb is below (or you can click on the image and it'll take you to Amazon where you can purchase it).


The Ellens by J.S. Velasquez

Book 2 is on the way...

Book 3 is in the oven!

Sue Ellen's parents die while they're on vacation and she's stuck living with her strange aunt and her aunt's one-eyed cat. She inherits an immense fortune that she can't touch till she's eighteen, but her aunt isn't after the fortune. She's after a small safety deposit box that contains a deadly secret, a secret so dangerous were it to fall into the hands of certain women, your life, my life, and the life all children would be in grave danger of being exterminated, annihilated, and rubbed off the face of this earth! Thankfully Sue Ellen's not alone, for the person who hid this deadly secret comes to her rescue, and together they set off on a quest to prevent a terrible tragedy from occurring to all little boys and girls!