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posted Jun 1, 2009, 6:48 PM by Jose Velasquez   [ updated Jun 1, 2009, 7:10 PM ]
My Bees, Nature, and Seoul categories have been updated.

After much debating, and consulting with a fellow photog, I have decided not to go through with replacing the shutter on my D40 (it's sitting at 20,000 actuations, so it's about half-way through its life). I purchased a replacement shutter unit from Nikon Canada, but after looking at all of the steps required to fix it, I decided it's better to sell the D40 with the new shutter unit to someone who knows what they're doing. 

Besides, I'd rather keep using my D40 till the shutter does go (as opposed to putting it off comission for a few days). Once the shutter does fail, I'll sell it with the shutter replacement unit at the big auction house. I'm sure it will go very quickly. The Katzeye, however, will remain with me. I'll be using it in my D40x.

I have also decided to sell my 35mm Series E, one of my 24mm lenses, my FM10 kit, my N70, my old FM (it's not worth trying to fix it, as I could pick up a nice one for the cost of repairing the old one), and I may sell my FE. I'm still debating selling the FE, as it's such a great camera, but I'm pretty sure I will, as I'd rather have an FM2/t, FM2N, or an F3HP.

Prices on FM2's and F3HPs range from 100-500US, so I'm going to have do some careful shopping. For that price range I've been told I could pick up an F100 in decent shape. That's a nice camera, but way too much for my needs.

Last weekend, as some of you know, I purchased a used Seagull TLR for about $4US. It works, and the shutter seems to click at the right times. I haven't purchased any film, as I'm currently cleaning it, and "restoring" it, but once it's ready, I'll take some shots with it. It's nice to handle a TLR feels right in my hands. Too bad it wasn't a Rollieflex that I bought for $4US (that would've been a real steal).