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Replacing the rear rubber grip on a D700...

posted Feb 2, 2013, 6:57 AM by Jose Velasquez   [ updated Feb 3, 2013, 6:46 AM ]

A while back I replaced the rear rubber grip on my D700 and took some photos of the process. It's actually an easy fix. The front grip will be next, but so far it's just turned a little gray; it hasn't peeled or cracked or done much that merits changing it. I thought someone out there would probably appreciate seeing how I did this little tutorial. 

My advice is avoid the stuff on Ebay--it doesn't come with the double-sided tape (which can only be purchased in Japan by an industrial institution like Nikon). Go directly to Nikon--they do sell to the public. Having said that don't be alarmed if they tell you something is unavailable. If you have friends or relatives in Canada, then Nikon Canada will sell stuff to the public that Nikon USA refuses to sell to the public. 

It's a sad state of affairs for Nikon users in the US, but at least there's still Nikon Canada. Thankfully I have family in Canada and getting those hard to find pieces (like a replacement shutter) is still possible up in the Great White North. If you ask me my opinion Nikon Japan should sack the current Nikon USA CEO and replace him with someone who is a little more reasonable. 

It just boggles my mind to no end why Nikon USA would prevent the public and small mom-and-pop repair shops from accessing replacement parts. Canon at least hasn't gone that way, and they even repair gray-market stuff...I have an inkling I may switch to the Rebels when it comes time to decide if I want to continue with the Dark side...while I love the glass, the legacy, and the handling, the way Nikon has gone with its service and its treatment of  its customers it has become a terrible company. I wouldn't be surprised if they head the way Pentax did...

Having said that I will stick with Nikon for at least another year...that will give me enough time to decide if I really want to make a switch...

1. A grip that's peeling...

2. Remove it...

3. Remove left-over adhesive with WD-40 from camera body

4. Clean the area with alcohol (this removes the WD40 and preps the surface to receive new adhesive)

5. Here's the replacement grip. This one can be purchased directly from Nikon in the US--other parts like the rubber by the FX logo can only be purchased through Nikon Canada or Nikon in other parts of the world. 

6. Place the new rubber grip on there and let it settle for a bit. I waited about half an hour before picking up the camera. The adhesive holding the grip is just double-sided tape.

7. There's the new grip and the older grip that was peeling.

8. A nice new grip!

Yeah, about that 105's coming. The weather has been up and down, left and right, and inside-right-side-out the past while so I haven't had a chance to head out there to get some photos to justify my opinions of those two lenses. I think the weather will stay this way for another month, but who knows. On top of that I do have a 9-5 job, and a family, and grad school, so my time is limited. I'll start posting part of the review soon...but nothing exciting for some time to come...

Till my next review, rambling, or post, this is, hey, hey,