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posted May 5, 2010, 4:45 PM by Jose Velasquez   [ updated May 5, 2010, 5:20 PM ]
I'm going to be working on a few projects this summer. One of them is to refine a Macro Photography Technique I've been working on (with a technical write up of how to do it to follow), and the other is to test out the various strengths of my lenses for macro photography work (yes, I'll write up a review on those tests--and I'll also buy a 55 Macro and maybe rent a 60macro just for comparison's sake). Can you say Bees & Flowers! Booyah! Can't wait for my little friends to return later this spring/summer! 

One final note...I'm probably going to be buying a new scanner either an Epson 600/700 or a Canon p900(?) series...I read from reviews around the net that these are the best flatbed scanners around. When I do buy one, I'll re-scan the film images and keep every setting turned hunch is the results will be very similar and that Ektar will still come out on top. Even with my "dinky" Canon 4400f it still blew everything out of the water. What I'm curious to know is how the Fujifilms will come out...they all had a "magenta" cast to them (note the "all" part of that sentence). I wonder if a better scanner will make that more obvious...should be fun.