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No new Nikon cameras at PMA 2009

posted Mar 3, 2009, 11:21 PM by Jose Velasquez   [ updated Mar 4, 2009, 12:59 AM ]
Sad news for those of us who had our hopes up...


And for those of you who own a Vivitar/Polar/Samyang/Wallimex Pro lens, someone started a group on Flickr dedicated to this Korean wonder.

I was quite surprised the other day when I received an invitation to be an admin at this new group. I figured why not. I've got plenty of pictures I can throw on there, but I'm still sitting on the fence as to whether I'll actually purchase a PRO account.

I've got this site, and I've got Picasa, and so far they've done a better job than Flickr, at least space wise. I can have an unlimited number of folders and 1GB free storage, easily upgreadable to 10GB should the need arise. In any case, for those of you interested in that Flick group, there you have it. 


In case you were wondering, I haven't updated any pictures, because I've been a bit under the weather. Am getting better, so I should be able to post them this weekend. I have them on my computer, but just haven't had the time or the patience to organize, label, and upload them. Sorry for the delay.