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posted Jul 21, 2009, 9:04 PM by Jose Velasquez   [ updated Jul 22, 2009, 11:40 AM ]
It's near the end of July, and what a summer we've had. I sold off my D40 (for way too low a price...but of course I wasn't out to make a profit). I sold my 24mm "K" to David Chu. You can see his Flickr stream here. And I sold my 35mm f2.5 Series E to All-Seeing Cuttlefish (obviously not his real name--and a fellow Canuck); you can see his stream here. I know everyone got a great deal this summer (even me). I kind of feel like Uncle Moneybags from Monopoly with all of the great deals I found and have given this summer...I honestly hope everyone puts everything to good use. For those of you who are in Seoul, my Lowepro Nova 4AW, my N70 (with a possible split-prism focusing screen), my Vivitar 28mm f2.8 TX mount, and a few other goodies are up for sale. I think I'll probably list them on Craigslist in Seoul and at FIS (Flickr In Seoul). Sorry for those of you back in North America...but the shipping would probably kill any deals. 


As promised, here's my praise for KEH. They're awesome! I can't say that enough. They're waaaayyyyyy awesome! I've purchased a number of lenses from them, and they've never let me down. That alone is worth the sometimes higher prices you find over at KEH.   

About four months ago I bought a 20mm f4 AI from KEH. They sent a non-ai version to my in-laws. Living overseas, we didn't find this out till two weeks ago. When I realized their mistake I immediately contacted KEH via email and received a response within the hour. They told me to send everything back and they would send me the correct lens. And guess what? They did! They sent me a 20mm f4 AI lens that kicks butt! It's really everything that everyone says it is, and it also looks like I scored a good copy because it's great wide open. Now if only I could get my hands on an HN-14 the way it also looks fantastic on my Nikon D40x. 

About my D40x:

I'm loving's like a D40 with a kick. I tested their ISO capabilities at ISO 1600 before selling off my beloved D40, and, like Thom Hogan, I found that the difference isn't huge. There's less noise in the D40 image, but also less detail, while there's slightly more noise in the D40x images but much greater detail. The noise issue wasn't really huge, and you really have to pixel peep to notice it.  

Some developments on the Polar/Samyang/Vivitar 85mm lens:

Ed Barton has been shooting with it on his 5D Mark II, and he's getting fantastic shots. He's also going to be testing its video capabilities in an upcoming shoot. From his shots it looks like he got a keeper lens. It looks sharp everywhere, including the center. 

I have a friend named Mark Heil who has a D90...I think I'll ask him if we can test its video capabilities on his camera. If we do, I'll ask him to host the video files on his Flickr Stream. I'm too cheap to bother buying a Flickr Pro account (if they threw in more goodies, like a personal website/foto-blog that could rival this one...then I would start looking over the fence). 

Anyway, I have to get back to unpacking and getting the house back in order. Thanks to all who have been patient with my random postings. I'll try to be a little more consistent once we get settled back here in Seoul. I can't wait till tomorrow morning! We're going bee hunting again (in a secret location, which I shall keep to myself).