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I'm back home...

posted Aug 9, 2016, 6:14 PM by Jose Velasquez
I'm back to the dark side, and this time with a Df...

After going from Nikon, and then moving into a three system setup (Nikon, Samsung, Sony), and then exclusively to Sony, I am finally back with Nikon. I don't regret my journey, but I'm so glad to be back with a mature system and with a camera that is worlds more responsive than my a7II will ever be. And I'm not just talking about the tactile approach of the Df, but simply put it locks focus way faster indoors than my a7II ever did. 

Holding my Df was an awesome experience, and it brought back so many good memories of when I started with a Nikon FM. There's something fun about being able to change so many settings using knobs, it felt so natural and the layout was intuitive.  

As for the AF can keep up with my boys and that's what counts for me, being able to put non-AI glass on it is just icing on the cake.

A couple of years ago I was a harsh critic of this camera, but over the months I've come to realize that Nikon took a very big risk in creating it and they did a great job in bringing it to light. Yeah, it's bigger than an FM, but it has to be given the electronics, the battery, and the AF motor. Still, it pays homage to Nikon's legacy and I couldn't be happier. 

I am so stoked about being back with the dark side and having access to the proper gear to once again photograph my favorite subjects...children and bees! 

Till my next review, rambling, or post, this is, hey,hey...