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D40x ponderings...

posted Jun 12, 2009, 6:36 PM by Jose Velasquez   [ updated Jun 12, 2009, 8:06 PM ]
Some of you have been wondering why I went to a D40x instead of moving up to a D5000 or a D90...well, here's a site that compares many Nikon Gen 1 DSLRs...Nikon DSLR ISO Shootout. All variables were kept constant at each ISO so that the tester could show what each camera is really capable of delivering. To my eyes the D40x comes out on top...even at ISO 1600. I mostly shoot with fast lenses (2.8 and larger) so I rarely, if ever, use ISO 1600. I think the only slow lens I own is my 20mm f4, but I bought it for outdoor use. I think what I'll miss most about my D40 is its ability to sync with a manual flash at any speeds, including 1/4000. Before some of you go out and cry foul, read this posting. As I don't often use flash, especially at 1/500, let along at 1/4000, it's not a huge loss. My FM only went to 1/125, and I was fine for the many years I used it. I will state again what I've always believed about Photography: it's 10% skill and equipment and 90% timing. Check out these two photogs who use a D40x: Donjiva and Gary Randall. Not too shabby if you ask me.