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Behind the scenes Sunset Flying

posted Apr 3, 2010, 7:40 PM by Jose Velasquez   [ updated Apr 3, 2010, 8:26 PM ]
A lot of the pictures that have recently made their way to my Flickr stream are pictures for a project I'm doing. I've received a couple of requests detailing a "how-to" about the picture of Les "flying" in the air. It's actually pretty much described beneath the image, but I figured since some people wanted to know the magic behind the picture I'd go ahead and humor them. Well, the magic is called CS3 &, the rest is pretty much how I described it in my Flickr stream. 

This image to the right should give you an idea of how high up we were, the ladder we used, where CS3 came in handy, and how much ambient and how "dull" the sunset actually was. Those of you who live in Seoul will recognize the Commisary in the background. That should give you an idea of where we were. 

Yes, I did have to reconstruct Les' left shoe, as the ladder pretty much covered it. I wish I had CS5 to try out that content-aware gimick/tool, but for this picture the clone tool did the trick. Most of the coloring and re-touching was done via hue, saturation, and color balance/mixer, as well as the old standby of brightness and contrast. 

And, no, that jacket is not spread out because his arms are out (although that did help). That jacket weighs at least 3 pounds...I know because it's my leather bomber he's wearing. It was crazy windy, and that helped keep the jacket open. Take a close look at his's blowing in the wind. Why does that remind me of Bob Dylan...he was here, recently, in Seoul. Missed his concert, but one of my students went, and she said it was amazing. He sang songs he hadn't sung in ages! Lucky expats and Korean fans. I'm regretting I didn't go. 

Anyway, there you have the "behind the scenes" of the pictures (yes that "s" is supposed to be there; there are others pictures that I haven't posted on Flickr that are a bit better than the one I did post). The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wing, the answer is blowin' in the wing, and with the sun, and through CS3 and Ah...sometimes I laugh at my own jokes...yes, I know, I'm also a dork at times. Anyway I'd like to take a moment to thank my students for their help and for their bravery. They braved those strong winds, cold temperatures, all so I could get some real cool pictures. Then I took both of them out to Quizno's for dinner. Fun stuff! 

Till the next rambling or post...this is,

PS--If you click on the image, you'll access the original. It's (c), so please ask before you post it somewhere (don't worry I won't charge if you ask).