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An update on Domke wax...

posted Jul 15, 2013, 8:31 PM by Jose Velasquez
Yesterday I wrote to Tifften/Domke about the possibility of buying more wax from them, and they offered to send me a replacement can free of charge! How cool is that? That's a company that treats its customers well. Sadly, I never got an answer from them if I could buy more. My guess is they did not anticipate people running out of wax so quickly or that there would be a big demand for it. I doubt they'll send me another free can, but I won't say no to this freebie! I wish they would offer their little cans of wax for sale, but alas such is not the case at this point in time. In any case I am a happy camper, at least till I run out of wax again. Then again, I did come up with some alternatives yesterday so not all is gloom and doom when I next run out of wax. 

Thank you Domke/Tiffen for the kind gesture. 

And for the record I only use Domke bags and straps, and I don't work for Tiffen/Domke. There's just something classic and nostalgic about their gear that appeals to my sense of taste and aesthetics.