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A late-spring update...

posted May 23, 2011, 4:40 PM by Jose Velasquez
If you follow my work on Flickr, you'll know that I've been scanning some of my older work from last century (late 90's). The reason? I finally bit the bullet and bought a V600 scanner. It was the best compromise between features and price--the V750 looks nice, but I would've had a very difficult time justifying $700 to my wife. So the V600 it was, and at a good price from the Epson clearance store.
I tend to buy used or refurbished gear for two reasons: one it's often cheaper than buying new; two, it's always inspected, unlike a new item that may have just had a few cameras/lenses/scanners inspected out of a huge lot. So look for some of my older work, much of which hasn't really been seen by the world, on Flickr. I'll add a picture or two as the summer rolls by.
This summer is going to be a fun one--once all the rain decides to finally stop. All this water has been great for flowers, but so far it's kept the bees away. I've seen a few daring ones out and about looking for pollen, but they're scouts, and so far they've got nothing much to report to their hives. Both of us are waiting for the great pictures coming our way this season.
For those of you who enjoy reading my reviews--I have a few more coming down the pipeline--I can't promise a date because I'm busy doing grad school and I do work a 9-5 job. But expect something enjoyable, maybe even a bit controversial. I can't tell you what I'll be reviewing, but when the time comes you'll know it. I'll probably get flack from purists and fanboys, but my hunch is the man-behind-the-lens is going to become more well known than he currently is.
Also, I'm delving deeper into the craft--so much so that I currently own 23 books on the subject. I may post my reviews/critiques of those books on a separate page. They're mainly academic in nature, so don't expect a critique on a DVD or on someone's book on wedding photography.
Lighting--that's my next horizon and the beast I'm slowly taming. The past few weeks I've diligently read Light: Science & Magic by Hunter, Biver, and Fuqua. It was a decent read, though at times a little more complicated in its wording than it has to be. Once thing I noticed after reading it is Strobist seems to take off pretty much where this book leaves off--getting the most out of small lights. If I could do it again I would've read the book first and then the work written by Strobist. While lights big and small both have their place, the principles are the important things to take away from that book, because they don't change. 
So why am I focusing on light? Because it's something that I never really got into when I was first getting into photography 14 years ago--and it's something that I would like to master, not just for portraits of children but also for bees. Yes, you heard me right. I do plan to use flashes with my little friends this summer. However, I'm not gullible enough to rely on something like a ring flash or the Nikkor R1C1 unit--they're great (and they look cool) but they're too limiting for the images I have in mind.
HSS would come in handy for what I have in mind; however, my recent water droplet picture on Flickr has proven that you don't need HSS in order to freeze fast moving things!
Till my next review, rambling, or post, this is, hey, hey,