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105 vs 105 postponed...

posted Jul 3, 2012, 4:22 AM by Jose Velasquez

Till further notice my review is postponed...but I guess if you follow my crazy blog you probably knew that. I should have that review up this weekend (I promise!). 

The past few weeks I've been busy at the drawing board with my device that let's me capture bees in mid-air. Like this one:  

The crazy thing about my device is there's very little gadgetry and wizardry involved. There's no mammoth device or laser or infra-red sensors or strings. Of my device I can say no more at this time. 

I've also been at the drawing board with my brother-in-law for putting flashes underwater, and boy have we got something cool we're working on. I'm going to patent these ideas, because they're extremely useful, and, unlike the commercial stuff that's out there, neither of my inventions costs's amazing when people get together to discuss ideas and overcome obstacles. And, no, I'm not greedy, I'll share whatever comes from these patents with my brother-in-law. 

Till my next review, rambling, or post, this is, hey, hey,